Breastfeeding Art

Me now in my mind:


A few weeks ago I posted that images of women and children are frequent in the history of art (MoMA dixit) yet depictions of pregnancy are rare. I then added that even more unusual are images of breastfeeding.

But I was wrong and Instagram proved it so.

I recently found the most wonderful Instagram account called Breastfeeding Art. They describe themselves as: “inspiration and cultural + historical context for breastfeeding moms” and I just think they’re awesome. It’s a great account to not only follow, but also to suggest images to.


In the few weeks that I’ve been a fan, they have posted images by painters like Chagall, Gauguin, Picasso, Visconti mixed with contemporary photographs like this one below by Annie Leibovitz for American Vogue.


And of course stuff like THIS:


Breastfeeding is a primal practice and the most noble obligation. It is very refreshing to see it immortalized by artists through the decades. I hope it continues being depicted with the grace it deserves. Maybe Instagram feeds like Breastfeeding Art can help people nowadays find their route back to the ways of instinctual parenting.

I leave you with The Origin of the Milky Way by Jacopo Tintoretto:


PS Not sure it’s the same people but there’s also a Pinterest.


Breastfeeding Art

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