Goodbye at the Door

4th of July at Marview

A lot of things make me cry these days. I walked into a coffee shop in my neighborhood last week and they were playing a Celine Dion song. I cried. I recently watched a documentary about the Lost Boys of Africa on Netflix. I cried. I think of how happy my daughter makes me and I cry. In fact, I’m crying right now.

But that’s a different post.

The photo series Goodbye at the Door, you guessed it: made me cry. The images immediately make me think about my own parents and my father in particular. I live in New York and they/my father lives in Mexico. To this day, every time I fly in or out of the country, he picks me up or takes me to the airport. It’s a somewhat different yet still real goodbye at the door. I love seeing him there and can’t even phantom the day when he’s not standing at the gate waiting for me.

Angelo Merendino is a great photographer. Please see these photos and all of his other work here.


Goodbye at the Door

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